One more sleep

Noone thought I would make it but here I am on the eve of my induction. The nerves are setting in. I’m not sure whether it’s the new layers of complication that having 2 kids means or if it’s simply that I’ve made an appointment with Pain. There’s no time for contemplation when it sneaks up on you spontaneously. On the other hand, I’m far less likely to give birth on the highway.

I’m having some passing moments of sadness. Fraser fell asleep on my lap in the rocking chair the other night. A nice cuddly moment for one of our last nights ‘alone’ together. But I know how much he loves company even though it will be some time before he can have much fun with his new sibling.

Anyway, dinner is just about ready and we must have an early night. We have to be up EARLY.

Eviction notice

Mum has been here since Sunday. Apart from the cleaning she’s been doing for us (w00p!) she’s encouraged me to get off my butt and get my crafty bits finished.
I made a pair of newborn fleece tracksuit pants.

Flongies front
Flongies back

Mum finished the corners on the fitted sheet I started for the baby hammock and I’ve nearly finished my knitted soaker.

Yesterday we went to the Ob for our last appointment. He did an internal (delightful). I’m 1-2cms dilated (being #2 I wasn’t surprised, this is quite normal) and he could feel the membranes. He didn’t poke around much more as he was worried about accidentally rupturing the membranes. We made a date for induction if things don’t go off before then but the Ob is pretty sure it will. I was hoping the internal might kick things off overnight but not so far.

So now it’s down to more waiting.

Waiting Game

I’m doing a fair bit of sitting around, in between things I cna be bothered doing, and playing with Fraser.
There’s a hell of a lot I can’t be bothered doing. I’m ensconced in CBF mode. I haven’t vaccuumed for a while but I have done the odd room here and there. I haven’t done a proper mop of the wood floors for a few weeks, just spot cleaning. But I’m now seeing the hair and dust buildup on the skirting boards. We seem to shed alot of hair in this house. And for some reason there’s a collection of, what appears to be chest hair, along the edges of the living room hallway. At least, I hope that’s what it is. I better get off my azz and do a big vaccuum while I can. Maybe tomorrow afternoon.

I’m done with my freezer cooking for now. Had enough of that. However, I do like cooking more interesting things for dinner now that I’m home every day to do it. I find that I’m using up more stuff that’s been sitting in the freezer or pantry. I’m being more economical.

I went to an ABA class last night. I really enjoyed it and I hope to line up more occasions where I can meet up with these women. Interestingly, I found that I knew 95% of what was said and even prompted other information from them that they hadn’t offered but I knew would be important for the first time mothers there to know. There’s alot to be said for anecdotal evidence and the internet. The last three years has given me plenty of time to absorb all this new and important information from different sources that I didn’t have when I battled breastfeeding with Fraser. While I did learn a few useful pieces of new information last night the biggest thing was how much more confident I feel.

I’m still apprehensive about not getting it right but I won’t allow myself to be taken in by Pharmacy panic merchants. I’ve got the power now to stop the cascade of errors that beat me last time.

Happy Belated Mother’s Day

mothers day card

..and here is my first genuine hand-made card from Fraser. The peg has a magnet on the back to stick it up on the fridge. Aww.

We spent the weekend in Sydney to catch up with the families for Mothers Day. I got series 4 DVDs of the West Wing – w00p!
I hope all of you had an enjoyable Mothers Day.

On Tuesday I saw the Ob. We originally weren’t meeting again until the due date (4th June) but I felt I should have another appointment in between. Lucky I did as I’ve got the lowdown on what happens next.
I see him again in 2 weeks for the dreaded internal. From that we’ll figure out when and how to induce, if necessary. Induction could be 4th or 7th June depending on the booking list.

o0o. w00p!


Today is 36weeks! :o
How did it go so fast?
I’ve been ticking things off my to-do list. I’ve done the cutting up and sewing of towelling wipes, Made a start on the hammock sheet, and I’ve finally got off my lazy butt and setup the camera and tripod for pics of Fraser and my big belly.


This is my last week of work, finishing up on Thursday. I’m a bit excited about that but wondering how I’m going to fill in the time occupying Fraser in the interim.

I have some grand plans of getting my hair cut, going to the movies, and whatever else I can think of for the week after I finish work and Fraser still has his three days at daycare. I hope Zoid’ doesn’t come before I’ve had my little holiday but anytime after that would be just fine. ;)

I’ve had two of the girls from playgroup tell me they think Zoid’ is a girl, and Michael our neighbour predicts a girl. Apparently he’s had 99% success with these predictions, so we’ll see soon enough. When we’ve asked Fraser what he thinks we should call the baby if it’s a girl, he’s said ‘girl’, ‘boy’, ‘chooky’. I don’t think we’ll go with any of those.

Twinkle Twinkle

First of all check out this video. Apologies for the smear at the base of the clip. There was a dirty big fingermark on the lens that I didn’t pick up until editing. Nonetheless, you cannot deny this cuteness.

Yes, we had the other Allens and kids down for the weekend. As usual Fraser and Savvy had a wonderful, noisy time together. Matt took them for a ride on the quadbike down to the animals. They saw the sheep, cows and alpacas (or packets, as Fraser says).
ON Sunday afternoon we all managed to have nana-naps. All of us! The planets must have all lined up to allow that to happen.
Lily slept wonderfully in our baby hammock. It was great to give that another trial run before Zoidberg gets in it.

Speaking of Zoidberg, I went in for that 32w scan yesterday. The placenta is well out of the way so no problems there, and the baby is measuring right on the 50th centile for size and weight. My enormous girth is apparently caused by a whole lot of extra fluid. Not enough to be of a concern but Zoid’ has lots of room to swim around. I imagine it must be quite delightful. It must be traumatic to be expelled through a narrow space into the newness of gravity.
At least it’s unlikely I’ll be induced but I’ll find out on Monday at my next OB appointment.

Fraser is quite concerned about my belly button. He’s convinced it’s sore. I’ve explained it’s not sore, just stretched. So stretched that it’s almost flat and it seems I was nourished and birthed in an alien lab environment.

Happy Birthday to me for tomorrow – w00p!

A rare quiet but busy weekend

Check out this toadstool! It’s past it’s prime in this photo but still quite impressive. My hand is there for scale. It’s about 20 metres up from our driveway entrance along the road.


I stopped to take that on the way up to Mittagong on Friday. We went up to see the Playschool concert. We got ripped off on the celebrities but at $10 a ticket I think I can live with it. We had George and Angela. They’re old-timers in Playschool land and I’m sure Fraser was wondering who the hell they were.


Fraser seemed to have a good time though. He just stands and stares at it though. No singing along, no dancing or clapping. Quite odd. He did the same thing at the Dorothy/Wiggles show last year and I assumed it was because he was unwell. I think he’s just fascinated with the live aspect of it, as opposed to TV. We met up with most of our playgroup there.

I called into Bowral HOspital on our way back and enquired about transferring to Private after delivery. Unfortunately, turns out I can’t do that unless I change OBs. Can’t be bothered with that so I’ll just carry on with the public. It’s not exactly a busy hospital so I might be lucky and wind up with a room to myself anyway.

Saturday morning Matt and Fraser left for Forbes. They went away to go to a family shindig – an 80th birthday party. I’m not up to travelling long distances and being the end of the month I had an opportunity to make some extra money at work. So aside from a few short hours at work on Saturday I had the place to myself. I cleaned up, did some washing, watched The Lake House, and of course, the West Wing. I also put up this shelf above the TV. Fills the space in quite nicely.

TV shelf

On Sunday I drove up to Sydney to meet the lovely Zara. I took a bag of previously banned foods (soft cheeses, smoked salmon etc) and had a cuddle. Everyone well and happy which is great news.
I got home just after Matt and Fraser. Apparently Fraser had a great time playing with the other kids at the party and was a good boy the whole time. I’m used to Matt being away every now and then but it was weird being here without Fraser too. I loved it, but I missed my little buddy. I had to do things and keep busy. Sitting around in front of the idiot box just seemed a waste, even though I used to spend every spare minute doing exactly that, before kids.
Anyway, it was very liberating getting out of bed when I was ready and not having to do the 6.30am breakfast routine. :D

Maybe? 10 weeks.. and counting

Rolling over in bed is like the Special Olympics. I pulled a pelvic muscle or something during one of my events last night. It hurts my right hip if I turn to the left for too long. I will need to reorganise my laptop/chair arrangement.
I sit side-saddle at the table when I eat. It feels like I’m so far away from the bench when preparing food that my arms will soon be too short. Aah well. There’s 10 weeks to go now and I’m getting more and more excited by the day.
I’m sure I was still in denial at this point with Fraser and just basically petrified.


Well I just got back from the GP and she concurs with the OB that fundal height is 3-4 weeks ahead of dates. I’m 70.5kg so not much actual weightgain. She’s certain I won’t make it to 40weeks and is strongly suggesting I revise my finish date at work. I had intended 17th May but haven’t yet put my notice in. I reckon I get more rest at work than at home with a toddler so I’m inclined to just stay at work. Maybe I’ll wind it back to the 10th May instead. I’ve got a few more days to think about it before I’m required to give notice.