What to do With Odd Socks and Kids

Photo of Sock puppets

I threw out some socks, recently, that had holes in them. However, I felt bad throwing out the partners, of which there was nothing wrong. But I can’t bring myself to wear odd socks so I hung on to them with grander plans in mind. In typical form, they lingered on top of my bedroom drawers for some time.

Then, this week I got an email from Kids Craft Weekly and their feature craft was puppets. Including, no-sew sock puppets! So in between a busy week of cleaning for a rental inspection, working, prepping for a weekend away, and planning my retro travel special, I scavenged through my sewing supplies, cut up a bit of felt, assigned some buttons for eyes, and started stitching. I decided to sew the bits on, given the socks weren’t being returned to former use.

Easy peasey.

The winner is..

I made Kami pick the winner.


He wasn’t particularly excited by the honour bestowed on him. In fact, he scratched himself. But then I lined them up randomly and this was the one he stopped at.


Congratulations Liz! I’ll get in touch about where to send your paper-cuts.

I set myself a challenge recently to get sewing again, and I must only use my stash. So I was excited when I came across a fabulous felt garland idea. Lincoln’s party is tomorrow, so on Tuesday I rummaged through my fabric and found a bag of felt pieces I’d bought for a project that never got off the ground. It’s such an easy thing to make and I was happy with the outcome.

Though, it never does look as nice as it does in the picture.

(I’m sure that’s more to do with their attractive interiors.)


Last minute preparation

We’re off to Batemans Bay for Christmas this year. Kami is in the cattery, we’ve had a family Christmas last weekend and tomorrow we’ll be packing our stuff to head off Thursday morning.

When we get there we’ll pick up our boot-load of seafood, and relax with champagne in hand with Bindy and family. We’ve rented a house together for the weekend and we’re looking forward to having a lot of fun.

Among my last minute preparations was throwing together a Santa sack for Lincoln. Bindy made Fraser one for his first Christmas and I never got around to organising one for Lincoln. Until tonight.

Need a last minute Santa sack?

  • Buy one pillowcase – $4 on sale
  • Buy contrasting fat quarter and length of gold ribbon (or check your stash) – $4
  • Use adhesive stuff together with your contrasting fabric and cut letter shape with pinking shears (‘L’ is easy)
  • Iron, peel off backing paper, iron again onto the pillowcase.
  • Crazy freehand machine-stitch around letter
  • Stuff with gifts and tie ribbon around top. Voila!

I wish all my readers and persistent comment spammers a lovely, peaceful Christmas. May your 2010 be blessed and fulfilling, and may the spammers get better paying jobs.

    Birdy num num

    Not so recent actually, but in September I heard Bridbird was having a sale. I had been eyeing off her sweet gocco prints of peacocks and fantails for a while so I ponied up with the cash. Bridget was moving from Melbourne to Ireland so she was having a big clear-out of her stock and generously included some bonuses. I just love her bird sketches and I’m so excited to have the peacock print at last.

    Bridget Farmer prints

    Gocco is tres chic these days. I had one when I was a kid! I wonder if Mum still has it.

    I have such a stockpile of prints that need framing.

    And to spread the birdy love even more, I just bought a brand new Penny Scallan makeup case. I’ve been on the hunt for a new one for some time. (Tired of hauling my wares around in a plastic bag.)

    I saw this bag in a kids clothing store!

    Then there’s my Aunty Cookie purchases from last week’s Handmade market.

    And do you know what happens tomorrow? I am going away with a girlfriend to stay at a beachside hotel, have day spa treatments, and eat from the seafood buffet. I hope your weekend is as good as mine will be!


    At last, my long running project is finished. I just need to rough up the doors and screw them back on but voila!

    I took a lot of inspiration and motivation from this site lately. There are some terrific ideas on this blog and if I lived in the same country I would be stalking that shop all.the.time.

    Wallpaper is more difficult to apply than I expected. The metallic copper finish brilliantly shows off my bumpy bits and dodgy seams but for a first effort, I’m impressed with the outcome. Can you believe I started repainting this unit about a year ago?

    I picked up two matching remnants of Florence Broadhurst cranes wall paper from the Signature Prints sale a couple of weekends ago. I think it works well.

    Now for a couple of copper accessories in the kitchen to balance it up. Perhaps a copper pendant light over the dining table?

    If only

    If only there was an extra hour in every day. It feels like it made such a difference. Even with a sleep-in, I managed to get most of the kitchen dresser painted, kitchen cupboards washed, played with the boys and long chats with neighbours.
    Tomorrow, I hope to finish the painting and apply the wall paper to the back of the top part.
    I’ll be so glad to get this job finished. It’s been a long project which will have a big impact, I’m sure.

    My next mini-project is to make this frame into a pinboard for the office.

    I found it in an antique store on my way home about a week ago. I’ve been looking for something like this so as soon as I saw it I snapped it up. Somebody has already painted it silver and I think I quite like it the way it is. I just need to take out the mirror and cover the board with wadding and fabric.

    We’ve had a very chaotic week with one car in for repairs all week. It’s created major headaches with attempting the school run, I’ve been late for work, leaving work early, Matt’s missed out on a couple of Sydney trips, we’ve had to call on friends to help us with getting Fraser home. All this has spurned many talks about Matt’s future career and travel prospects and how this clashes badly with getting Fraser to school. So we’ve decided to arrange before and after school care for my work days. It means me doing a complete round-the-district trip which just about doubles my work commute. We’ll have to be super-organised in the mornings but at least it removes the reliance on other factors.
    In an indirect way, it’s pushed us to try a second attempt at fixing our yard. We’ve got a neighbour this time who’s keen to help so we’ll have a simple level block, some of it turfed, and we can start enjoying our outdoors alot more. 

    In other news, we went up to school last Friday for Fraser’s parent/teacher interview. He’s been going very well, showing abstract thinking in terms of maths, and initiative with constructing sentences. He’s delightful, affectionate, compassionate, and laughs at the teacher’s jokes. He’s a good singer in choir, and plays his part well when called upon to do a bit of acting. We’re so proud to hear he’s doing so well. I must remember to tell his pre-school teacher at daycare this week.


    I’ve finally got around to experimenting with my Christmas present. Here’s a stack of recycled paper drying made from the ripped up bits of christmas wrapping paper.

    This is what happens when you mix green and yellow. There’s lots of potential for this particular crafty activity but I think it will take some practice. The sheets turned out a bit too thick and I need to set up a better system to work with.

    The vege patch is coming along well. The broccoli plants are taking off nicely.


    And the little seedlings in Fraser’s green house are getting ready for transplanting.


    I’ve prepped the bottom half of the kitchen dresser for painting as soon as I get time. I go on a wallpaper hunt this weekend to Porter’s Paints and Signature Prints. Signature Prints is having a sale this week so I’m hoping to pick up some snazzy remnants.

    Another project I started this week is pulling all the recordings from digital video to my computer in hopes of editing together some DVDs. They go back to when Fraser was born and there is some seriously bad footage of me post-birth. So completely exhausted and so obviously in shock. Anyway, it’s a long-term project as I don’t really know what I’m doing with these videos yet, except that I want to blend in some digi photos and make a video of each year.

    I’m making headway on my to-do list. It’s a good feeling. Once we get the kids’ playing field (i.e. lawn) done, I’d like to get back to fixing up the chooky area.

    Work in Progress


    This is the top half of the kitchen buffet. I did the drawers last year until the weather got too cold. Last weekend I kicked the process off again. It’s got one coat of enamel on and waiting for the final one. Probably today. Maybe tomorrow.

    The bare wood at the back will be covered in wallpaper. I bought one off Ebay a while back. I’m not sure that I like it but it was the first one I saw that had green in it. I just can’t find attractive wallpapers at reasonable prices. Especially when I just need one roll. Shipping from the US is ridiculous, unfortunately, as I had seen a few lovely designs around. I’ll keep looking for a while.


    You need to look at this blog

    Well, not this blog, but another one.

    Do you like sewing? Do you aspire to some level of creativity? Do you like winning stuff?

    I’ve been collecting RSS feeds over the past months of Crafty Blogs I Like. When Grosgrain pops up in my reader I get lots of warm crafty fuzzies. Kathleen is so clever. She’s always designing some fabulous outfits for little girls. (I wish I had one just for the dressups!) But this week she has this gorgy blouse for us women-folk and she’s giving it away!

    Get yourself over there and have a look. You might get lucky. I just had an Ezibuy order come in with a skirt and shorts that this blouse would look great with!


    fabric stash 1

    Kicking off this post with my favourite bits of Candi’s stash that she sent to me at Christmas. I have a friend who loves butterflies so I might get to work on a tote bag.

    fabric stash 2

    And then there was MIL’s stash. Love the old fashioned food labels material and can see that ending up as a cafe style apron. Then there’s Bambi who’s too cute for words. Also in MIL’s stash were these vintage patterns.

    vintage patterns

    But there’s no sewing happening at the moment because my machine has been in for service. It’s a 20 year old Husqvarna that I inherited about 5 years ago. It was impeccably maintaned before then. However, I’ve noticed the tension on the lower thread slipping alot lately so I put the Husky in for a checkup. I’ve also enquired about a walking foot.


    Fraser has had his first week away from us. He spent a few nights with the ILs and it didn’t go the way I hoped, but it wasn’t too bad, really. He cried and cried for us the second night but Matt fixed that with a video-Skype session. He’s off again this week, staying with my parents. We’ll catch up with him again on Friday when we go up to Sydney to see THE THROWING MUSES!

    Oh.my.god.So. excited.