Angel investing

Aprill Allen—Melbourne, AU

I’m General Partner and Director at Tractor Ventures, but I’ve also made a handful of direct early-stage investments.

I focus on early-stage companies solving persistent enterprise problems. Today’s enterprise workers deserve the kind of user-experience their customers have been enjoying for years, already.

Mentoring programs are difficult to run and impossible to scale using spreadsheets and email. With Mentorloop, unleashing the benefits of mentoring to your people is just a few simple steps away.

How To GIF Your Infrastructure Pipeline with Hava for Lifecycle Visibility  | by David Brenecki | Servian | Medium

Create interactive cloud diagrams in minutes from multiple cloud vendors. Discover what’s actually configured and running, view security, open ports and traffic ingress/egress. Fully automated, no tedious drawing required.

Intalayer improves Support and Product team operations. With Intalayer, your teams can save hours every week and bring the voice of the customer into Product decisions.