Day 27

I forgot to mention, over Easter I made Lincoln camp on the balcony for one night. I say made…what I mean is, I asserted he should do it, because Easter last year he was in Scouts and they always camp at Easter. Also, families in my social media circle were camping in their yards. I thought, great idea! Lincoln can stick the one-man tent up there and sleep on the balcony for one night. It’s not an entirely unpleasant idea; there’s fake turf on our balcony. Nay, it’s a very pleasant balcony. And, though he didn’t say no and went straight to sleep once his camping situation was constructed, he wasn’t eager to do it and has said he doesn’t want to do it again. Oh well. Ticked that box during isolation.

We’re still in stage 3 lockdown, but within our own house, we’re starting to get comfortable hacking around the mandated socialisation limits. I dare say we aren’t the only ones meeting our one-other-person-allowed in a park, possibly even with wine in their Keep Cups. We’ve also relaxed on letting Fraser get out for his own exercise with company of choice. A few weeks ago, we were nervous about that and I offered my distance-chaperone services. My offer wasn’t taken up. Fair enough.

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