Day 24

The school term started back today. As soon as Lincoln came downstairs, he was already on his computer, looking up the first lesson—double gym—and finding out how would be going about getting school done. Yesterday, I was frustrated we’d had very little comms from school about how the year 7s would be continuing on, but then it all came flooding in by the end of the night. Other than those first gym lessons, where there was only a bit of reading to do, Lincoln was online for the rest of the school day. We took a small break at lunch and scooted/walked up to the shops, and I was pleased to see I didn’t need to do any intervening to keep anyone on task.

Fraser was also back to the normal Wednesday routine. VET kitchen operations in the afternoon. Normally he would have been at the commercial kitchen, but the material seems to now be all theory-based, for the meantime. Apart from participating in his class Zooms from bed, Fraser was on-board and paying attention. So, though it’s only day 1 of remote schooling, I’m happy with how it might go from here. Lincoln would rather be in a face to face situation, but he’s happy enough, so on we go.

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