Day 21 Happy Easter

Well, the easter bunny got around and stashed a bunch of random easter eggs around the balcony and the upstairs lounge, and thanks to some earlier online purchasing, I also had a few showbags to share around. We won’t need to make any trips to the servo for emergency chocolate snacks for a while.

We’ve been eating pretty well. On Thursday, I did a shopping run and picked up some already-cooked lamb shoulder and beef brisket from BlueBonnet Barbecue. We heated it back up in the sous vide and it was just like we’d had it directly from the restaurant kitchen. I’ve been more creative about what I’ve been cooking, because I’ve got more time to think about it and have been inspired by going back through the recipe books. On Good Friday, Lincoln helped me make felafel, hummus and tabouli, which we had for dinner in wraps. Tonight’s dinner might be Jamie’s fish pie.

I’ve had it on my mind to get back to my Kristin Hersh painting, which I intended to do yesterday afternoon, but Matt and I went for a spatially distant walk with friends, instead. We split up and walked two-by-two, with 10 metres or so between each pair so it wouldn’t look quite so obvious that we were together. The painting fell to today’s todo list, and so I cleaned the kick boards in the kitchen. Now that we have brand new floorboards down here, it seemed a crime to leave the grubby kick boards as they were. Art is work and I put it off, even though I get thoroughly absorbed once I start.

I worked on the detail of her eyes and nose. I like them better now, but I’m not happy with her mouth and everything under that. I’m having a zoom session with my art teacher in a week or so. I’ll get some feedback then. As much as I’d love to say I’m finished, I’m not sure I am.

As for the rest of the day, I’ll probably be binge-watching Unorthodox on Netflix.

I’m still spending too much time on my phone and bathing in Covid news. Things I’d rather do instead:

  • Find more things to cook
  • Clean out the bathroom cabinets
  • Do some quick oil paintings on my stash of canvas paper with all the leftover palettes I’ve folded up and stored in the freezer (That’s how you keep oil paint usable once it’s out of the tube).
  • More collage
  • Sorting through all the recipes and stuff in my Facebook saves
  • Finish reading Lincoln in the Bardo (I’m 75% through. I don’t love it, probably because I haven’t grown up with Abraham Lincoln’s life story, but the format is interesting.)

And that’s the recreational list. You should see the work list! Actually, in work news, my recent marketing efforts have been working and I’ve got a couple of potential clients in the pipeline. That’s encouraging, after briefly thinking I might be better off chucking the whole Knowledge Bird caper in.

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