day 18

Getting a little better at maintaining my previous workout commitment. I’m not working as hard as I would with a trainer yelling at me, and I miss the one-on-one combos, but at least I’m heading downstairs to our make-do gym and getting the routines done.

The weather was so nice today that there was more traffic and people outside than I’ve seen for a while. It was my first shopping trip back to Barkly Square since our self-imposed distancing, and I was kind of mortified by how standard-busy it was. Coles have security guards to maintain a low-flow of people within the store, but outside the store, there’s very little care being taken by shoppers about maintaining distance. I think I’ll stick with the other Coles that I’ve been going to. It’s way less busy. 😬

Mum and I delivered easter eggs to each other. I just received ours, but she hasn’t received hers! I’m hoping it’ll turn up on Saturday. Either way, I’m sure there’ll be some easter facetiming, come Sunday. 🐣

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