Day 14 – Signs the curve is flattening

I’ve had an ongoing low-grade anxiety prior to, and for most of the time since, my last update. It’s given me a phantom sore throat at different times, and there’s been a Covid-dream or two. The horror stories of Italy, the UK, Spain and New York, and the fact I’m 2 degrees from Covid deaths, have instilled a fear that I didn’t have even a month ago. The fear response makes me worry for my very active, and youthful, 70-something mum—wanting her to keep only to herself to minimise all chance of exposure. My nurture response, though, is to be glad she has some physical company, for loneliness can be just as detrimental, and we’re on the other side of the state border. For now, it’s a trade-off. And, I hope, we may not get to the point where we aren’t allowed even to have one visitor in our own homes, like where the UK is now. Early signs point to our infection rate flattening out, which is the goal of the physical distancing. It does prompt some hopefulness, but that may be premature. No doubt I’ll be refreshing ABC news for some days, yet.

So, anyway, let’s put the lid on that box and put it back into my mental attic.

Our floorboard situation was resolved during the week and we’ve moved our recreational activities back downstairs. Recreational activities now include making ice cream. Matt bought an ice cream machine, as thought to churn away the spare hours in the day. Our first batch of basic vanilla is in the freezer, right now. I’m gradually falling into a new routine. I was busy enough throughout the week on marketing tasks and removing my own SNS nail polish that the days went by much quicker than they did in the two weeks before.

I’m working on folding more art into my days. I’d been going to my regular Thursday afternoon art class for a year when we went into isolation, and I was working on a portrait of Kristin Hersh. I’m in the last stages of it, and need to devote another hour or so to finessing the details now that I’ve changed the background colour.

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My latest artistic efforts involved going through all my old Coles & Woollies mags, taking photos of the recipes I wanted to keep and ripping out pages and images that I thought might be good for collage. So I’ve fired the long-neglected Pinterest app back app for inspiration.


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