Day 10

March has finally ended and I’m wondering how many people are waiting for this long-running April Fool’s prank to be declared. Is there more to come? A colossal swarm of bees turning on humanity for destroying the environment would be a topical karmic retribution.

There’s plenty speculating about what the other side of this thing might look like for the economy. I do have some optimism that we’ll emerge a little more socialist. Workers unions will reclaim some of their importance. Some services will come back into government hands. If nothing else, the pandemic payments have shown that the previous social safety net wasn’t safe at all. I am hopeful we’ll eventually end up with a far better and robust socialist leadership, even if we have to wait another term of LNP government.

I haven’t been thinking much about the long term, at all. I’m very much about getting through each day, making sure I’ve done something productive—ticked off a couple of boxes, and mentally planning each day’s dinner. That’s about the extent of it. Floorboards are being laid today and we’ll be properly back downstairs by the weekend. I keep saying that once we get our normal space back, I’ll be ready to create a new routine that covers some school for the kids, reading time, exercising time, and creativity. Whether or not we succeed is another matter.

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  1. Yes, I’m day by day also, and because, like you, I hunkered down early, I feel disconnected from from people seemingly only going into quarantine now, and pondering my life choices – should I have gone to Kmart in those earlier days?

    Fact is, now everyone is inside, I feel like I should be allowed out now….

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