Day 7

Last weekend, I opened up an old Facebook group that I’d created for our townhouse neighbours to the rest of the apartment complex. I printed out notes telling people how to find the group and stuck them up at the entrances of the difference buildings. Within a week, I had 65 people join and they’ve already been posting helpful messages and calls for help with various things. I went back out today and stuck some more notes up because the cleaners (or someone) took the first ones down. It’s a small act, but it goes some way towards creating the community I hoped for when we moved here.

Not too much has happened, today. Some laundry, some art, some playing Boggle with Lincoln, Fraser made choc chip cookies, I did some worky things. The arvo routine of sitting on the balcony with an alcoholic bevy is starting earlier. Friday was 4pm; today, 3pm. it’s 4:30 now and I’m one cider down and we’re watching the rain fall.

Matt’s beard is getting bushier.

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