Day 3 COVID-19

So I went with the least imaginative journal title possible and I’m going to stick with it.

Lockdown is becoming more stringent with more shops closed as per last night’s press conference. Today, the boys have been upstairs, playing on the computer etc, while I’ve done a bit of marketing work and Matt’s been getting on with BAU phone calls.

Matt and I had an outing today to pick up and drop off some bread to people, then I went for a short walk to the IGA for milk, margarine and tonight’s dinner.

We started watching Bob’s Burgers last night to give Lincoln something new to watch when he gets bored of the XBox. We’ve received some holiday homework from year 7 maths and music. Everything else is wait-and-see.

Fraser stayed up super-late last night winning his FIFA Xbox games. That improved his mood.

When the floorboard are relaid, and we’ve moved everything back into place, downstairs, I’ll re-establish some more productive routines. For now, we’re basically glamping and making do with the reduced living space.

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