WTF title do I give these COVID-19 journal entries?

Day 2 of official #StayHome, but our second week in. Victoria’s state premier, Dan Andrews, has called for schools to close and so this is technically day 1 of school holidays. And you know what we did? We went ahead with this goddamn-ripping-up-of-our-downstairs-floorboards, because we’ve already been living with these mouldy boards for two years now. So, we kept social distance rules and got the fuck out to Bendigo for a drive. Sorry neighbours!

I know that our sanitising is not up to scratch. We’ll have to get more serious about antiseptic wiping of deliveries, and washing any fruit & veg, and after we’ve been outside–the vigorous hand-washing. And, DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE!

Mr16 is suffering the most at the moment. He’s missing spending time with his girlfriend. 😭

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