Currency conversion challenge

We escaped the Melbourne weather for a holiday in warmer climes, last week. Most of the time, we stuck to the pools and the games room, but we did get out to explore the local village shops in Khao Lak and do a bit of sightseeing.

It’s not unusual for us to do the currency maths out loud with the kids when we go out eating or shopping. It’s even better when we travel somewhere with an active cash economy, like South-East Asia, because the different appearance of the local currency is engaging to the kids.

So, I decided to set a challenge after having done enough rough currency conversions while we were on the go earlier in the week.

We gave Mr 11 and Mr 14 some Thai baht and challenged them to spend as close to AU$10 as possible. We ran the challenge in the nearby 7eleven and they were allowed to choose whatever they wanted. They were instructed to each get a receipt and we would convert based on the current conversion rate from THB to AUD. The one closest to AU$10 would get a bonus $10 loaded onto their Spriggy card.

After loading up on all the snack foods and hitting the registers, here’s where we ended up. Mr 14 on the left, Mr 11 on the right.

Lucky Mr11 gets the bonus, and Matt retrospectively wishes we’d stipulated $10 or UNDER. Too late, mate. 😆

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