Recognising a bad deal

Mr14 and his mates occasionally go to a 24/7 computer-gaming lounge to play Fortnite and what-not, because some kids are on PLaystation and some are on computers or Xbox and cross-platform matches aren’t possible. (See?! I know what’s going on!) They decided to try a new place, recently, because it was cheaper than the usual place.

I got a text an hour after they started saying, “this place is ass”, because other people were smoking inside where they shouldn’t be, and the internet was “balls”. They were denied a refund, probably because they were teenagers and didn’t know how to respond. Mr14 had just been paid for a recent letterbox drop, which meant he was cashed up to solve the problem, and he offered to buy the group a gaming shift at the usual place.

It was lucky he had the money on his card for the group to be able to stick to their plans, but it was a good experience in handling a bad deal. They tried. In the end one of the dads called the crappy place and demanded a refund, so Mr14 got his original money back and his mates repaid the fees he stepped in to cover.

Have your kids had to stand up for themselves over a bad deal? How did it go?

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