Unexpected generosity

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Mr10 turned 11 about a week ago and I think it’s probably not uncommon for a parent to do the gift buying on behalf of the rest of the family. That’s what I was expecting to do when Mr14 announced his intent to buy a JB Hi-Fi gift voucher for his younger brother. I gladly took Mr14 and his girlfriend to the shopping centre and went my own way to buy Mr10>11 a pasta machine for his birthday.

Imagine my surprise when we reconnected an hour later and Mr14 had bought a $50 gift voucher and his own card! The card was Ms15’s idea, but both Matt and I were happy to see Mr14 being so generous, in spite of limited funds. Never mind the slightly self-serving intent behind the choice of gift and articulated in the birthday message on the card—”now you can buy your own Fortnite Battle Pass”.

However, it does demonstrate that he lives week to week in comfort, knowing that he’ll be getting $50 again, come Monday. Still no savings, and still prioritising leisure and takeaways over haircuts and clothing. He’s just about grown out of his winter wardrobe and it’s taking all my effort not to leap in there and save him with some cheap Kmart clothes. 😬 Oh wells!

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