Big ticket items

Image by NRK-P3

If you’ve been reading Teenage Budget for a while, you might remember we incentivised Mr14 to save some money by offering an extra $100 if he still had $200 at the end the last school holidays. Well, he made it. Aided, in part, by losing his wallet with his debit card in it. Forced savings, indeed. So, he scored his bonus, minus the $10 card replacement fee.

Now that we’re coming into Winter, I routinely point out that it might be a good time to go opp-shopping at Savers. But, as long one still fits into the tracksuit pants, why bother?

“I don’t want to spend the money”, he says.

Fair enough. Although, let’s just ignore the death by a thousand paper cuts that comes from buying the Slurpees and chocolate bars. And the potential for diabetes.

Instead, he bought his own ticket to see Kendrick Lamar in concert and will be going with a bunch of friends. He doesn’t seem to be particularly impressed with himself for funding his $180+ ticket purchase. I asked him if it feels good to have bought his own ticket.


“What if you had to ask us for money to buy you a ticket? We might have said no.”

“I guess.”

Pfft. Teenagers. Maybe it’ll be something he remembers later on, once he’s had the experience of being there.


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