Main bedroom makeover

I know it’s been a while since I last posted at this blog. Since my last update about public speaking, I’ve done that two more times and I have another one coming up in August. There’s other exciting work-related things afoot, but I’ll come to that another time. The focus of this post absolutely belongs to the main bedroom of this house.

In between conferences we finally turned our attention to getting some things done around here. When we moved in, we had a shabby ceiling to look at—drooping in some rooms and with water stains and cracks in others—so we had a couple of guys come to fix and repaint it. Around the time they were here, we also attended to our outdoor drainage dramas by having a trench dug and filled with ag pipe and gravel. We also constructed a beautiful new driveway and parking area out of natural river pebble, so our friends would be able to three-point-turn out of our place without increasing the size of the unwanted lake in the front lawn. It’s not quite finished out there though, and I didn’t take any before pics. woe!

It was the offensive suede finish paint job inside the house that has been most troubling since we moved in a little more than a year ago. Just to remind you: here is the main bedroom as it was.

The main bedroom

The main bedroom2

And here it is after I finished hanging the prints, yesterday.

Prints centred over bed.

To show the grey curtain.

Main bedroom towards bathroom, hallway door


The curtains are a silver, block-out pre-made deal from Curtain Wonderland. The prints are a few years old from Redbubble. The charcoal drawing is mine from an abandoned university art degree. The ampersand cushion from Aunty Cookie. The ruffled doona/duvet/quilt cover is from Urban Outfitters. The heart lights are a few years old from Beacon Lighting. The lamp, an old one from Freedom Furniture. The fabric bird decals by Love Mae.

We do still need new carpet and I’m undecided about the colour.

What’s next? the bathroom.


  1. How funny that we have both returned to blogging on the strength of home improvement :)
    I am prepping for my own bedroom update ( forcing myself to finish client work first – blogging is my reward :)

    Looking sooo good Aprill!! I have that same AC cushion in my front sitting room :)

  2. .. ( although I now notice you are apologising for an absense of NOT REALLY .. heh heh … it’s been awhile since i’ve been on the blogwatch ;)

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