50/47 – School’s back

Ohhh such a backlog. So as you can see from the title, the school holidays are over and school has been back for 3 days. Fraser started year 3 at a new school this year and so we had a few tears on Monday. After being introduced to a few other year 3 boys, by another mother who was there on Monday morning, he has been playing with them and seems to have settled in ok.

Cheese & crackers

The week of camping we had planned to go up until the day before school went back ended up being a bit of a disaster. Except for the first day, it rained non-stop. There were some good things: Fraser enjoyed riding his bike around and playing cricket with some other kids and Lincoln enjoyed playing with the younger ones; Lincoln and I had a nice time at Seven Mile Beach; and the boys had plenty of swimming time in the pool at the camping ground. But overall, it wasn’t that much fun. The rain started pooling on the top of the tent and things were getting damp. So, we packed up and came home on Australia Day.

Let’s just face it; we’re cabin people.

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