Before I get started, I just wanted to point you back to this post. Amanda asked me for a how-to for making the shell curtain, so I’ve added some commentary in the comments.

So, what have you been doing the past week? I’ve had the whole week off, thanks to our parents taking the kids since last Sunday. Each kid went to one set of grandparents and they swapped over half way through. They enjoyed their full-time attention, though Lincoln did say how much he missed his big brother. It was lovely seeing them reunite today. Fraser ran up and gave Lincoln a great big hug.

Anyway, they both had a nice break. Fraser went fishing, enjoyed the company of my uncle’s dogs, saw The Muppets again, played mini-golf  and went bowling. Lincoln had a couple of play dates, played mini-golf, went to the park, and played “army men” and watched some new DVDs.

As for me, I enjoyed the blissful silence. Matt left for nerd camp last Tuesday so it’s been just me, on my own, for six whole days. SIX! I crafted, I rearranged Lincoln’s room, I went to Sydney for a meeting and a TV show taping, I went to the gym a couple of times, and I worked on preparing a presentation for a seminar that’s coming up in March. I stayed up really late, slept in a little bit, and watched West Wing eps. I went to the Bowral markets and the Old Pot Factory at Braemar. I bought this kangaroo that was on sale.


It was heaven. The quiet obviously did my brain some good because it kept trying to work when I was ready for sleep.

But tomorrow we’re all back on deck. The boys are back today but tomorrow Matt comes home. Fraser has swimming lessons this week, Lincoln goes back to pre-school on Wednesday and next week we’re off camping.

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