2011 — The Year That Was

I just time travelled back to January 2011 and my first post for last year was about jettisoning the stuff we don’t need—literally and mentally.

It seems appropriate to continue the theme by joining in on Debra’s 52 Weeks to Simplify Your Life. This is week 1’s post, which I should have posted last week but am a bit late.

Week #1 Challenge: Create a list of everything that went “right” in 2011

So, yeah, there was a bunch of stuff. And 2012 is going to be even BETTER. (But more on that later.)

  • We sold the farm, which we’d been trying to sell for ages. I was disappointed at the price we sold for but…
  • We bought our current house for a bargain price. It’s the worst house in the best street, but it’s got the most fabulous yard and is so quiet and private.
  • I had the opportunity to travel solo to Perth to attend a conference.
  • I won an award at the conference.
  • I’ve found myself with new career options as a result, which I’m really excited about.
  • I got a new car, finally.
  • The boys are both flourishing, socially, and Fraser is still doing well at school.
  • We had a fabulous European holiday, thanks to my parents and my Nana’s inheritance. (Thank you, Nana!)
  • Matt and I reached our ten year anniversary, and to borrow a lyric from The Beatles, it’s getting better all the time.
  • I got a tattoo.

If you feel you could simplify your life, click on the badge over there –> and join in. I’m not finding life messy or complicated, but January is always a great time to take stock of where things are at.


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