You’ve missed out on my captivating memoirs the last couple of days, sorry about that. We had a social couple of days there, so it was nice for the kids. On Thursday, a Sydney friend and his kids came for the afternoon. We caught up on the goss, ate party pies, spring rolls, the kids played in the yard, then we went to the park and had Paddle Pops.

Kids at the park

On Friday, the boys and I went up the road to my friend’s house and hung out with her kids, while she was at work. It wasn’t the warmest of days, but they all braved the pop-up swimming pool, which was finally out for our late-arriving Summer. Then last night, we went down to Moss Vale and had cheese-and-crackers-dinner with newish friends. Their youngest daughter has been going to preschool with Lincoln, so he had a great time catching up with her.

And today, we went to a preview showing of The Muppets. So awesome! Written by and starring Jason Segal, one of my favourite actors, there are a bunch of cameos and of course all the usual muppets. There were tears of nostalgia from people on the audience. I heard one kid say “are you crying mum?!” I think it comes out next week. Go see it.


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