We usually ring in the new year with a big ticket electrical item. One year it was a chest freezer, (which we now want to sell), last year it was a four slot toaster with the “a bit more” button and new kettle. When I walked past Bing Lee the other day I felt the pang of a big purchase not yet made. Anyway, I dismissed it.

Then Matt brought up the idea of buying a ride-on lawn mower. We’ve had it in mind since moving here, but we’ve been paying a guy to mow the lawn, until we had a shed to house all our garden gear. Well, the shed is on order and the mower was in stock for a good price, so Matt bought it today. It’s done its first few laps and, in the meantime, is sharing the garage with several bikes, boxes, the double fridge, a bunch of other stuff, and the chest freezer, which we want to sell. Anyway, it’s fully automatic and I should be able to use it as well.

Watching Matt mow was this afternoon’s entertainment, but this morning I took the boys to the pool for an hour before coming back home for a playdate with one of Fraser’s school friends. I must say, I’ve never known a more outdoors-averse kid than Fraser. He swam in the pool for about ten minutes before getting out and hovering around me, whining about being cold and hungry, while Lincoln was happy splashing about in the toddler pool.

Ahh, well. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I guess.



  1. Have you seen those ads where the guy is riding/pushing his brand new lawn mower and the wife gets all turned on & gives him the look? Immediately the guy turns off the mower and disappears inside but not before turning and giving the camera a wink and a smile….
    I think Matt has seen these ads.

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