So hey! It’s 2012. Happy new year! What did you do?

On new year’s eve, Matt and the boys went up to Sydney to sell my old car. While they were gone, I used my Christmas voucher on a massage and facial at the local Ella Bache salon. Then I painted the undercoat on the purple wall. Then I went for a bike ride! Whew—the things I get up to when the kids aren’t home. We had a BBQ with friends at their house around the corner, got a  bit merry, and I was asleep sitting up in my own bed by 11.30pm.

The first part of new year’s day was fairly subdued but we got out of the house eventually and ended up at a beach, just a bit north of Shellharbour. The boys paddled, we soaked up some sun and enjoyed the first really warm day we’ve had all Summer.


After our active afternoon yesterday, we felt ok about nerding it up today. Matt read, I wrote (on the computer) and the boys played on the Wii and watched movies, until the late afternoon when they ran around in the sprinkler for an hour or so.

It’s been a pretty good long weekend.

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