I was slow getting out of bed today. Slow to get motivated. But I finally did, and this is the result. I sanded this purple Suede Effects wall in the hall. I patched it and caulked the gaps. It’s washed and ready for undercoating.

The kids were bored today. They don’t like being at home with just each other to entertain. When Matt went out for a couple of hours they took the opportunity to whinge and harass, so I sent them outside while I sanded, patched and vacuumed. Eventually, Matt came home and I took the opportunity to go for a drive to Bunnings. I was actually there to look for oyster lights to replace the frilly lights in the bedrooms, but saw nothing appropriate and only brought home a couple of paint chips instead—in variations of white. I like the Dulux Lexicon.

Anyway, so with this painting jazz, I can’t paint the ceilings until the plaster man has fixed the bowing. Nor can I paint the timber skirtings until the timber laminate beading is taken up. I’m impatient, though, to paint what I can. Which is the walls. It’s all ass-about, I know.

I’m tempted to just do all the walls, and once the floors and ceilings are done, have the painters come to top-and-tail.

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