So I was laying in bed last night about 11pm when I realised I’d forgotten to do this post. I considered getting out of bed for about one second.

It was Rancho Relaxo here, yesterday. Is it ever anything else, you might be thinking? Well, it is the holiday season. What do you expect? I ate the last prawn roll of the festive season and Matt and the boys played battleships; the cricket was on; Fraser played a fair bit of Team Fortress 2 on the computer; and I laid about contemplating sanding and repainting the maroon suede effects walls in our bedroom. I’ll get around to it. Maybe in a few weeks.

We had friends stop by en route to Tasmania. They slept over, which was fun for the boys, because they had a little buddy to play with for the duration. We last saw these guys about three years ago but the kids all just fell into playing cricket and Star Wars as though they’d been doing the same every day. Kids are great like that, aren’t they?

Xanthe‘s a photographer, so I frocked up in the ten year old wedding dress and we went out to the garden for some anniversary photos, while dinner cooked. Tight around the ribs, the dress still fits reasonably well—surprise, surprise.

I’ll be back tonight!

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