That’s the sound of me loosening my belt after eating just about all the leftover prawns. All that planning, shopping and cooking… It all comes down to the leftovers. And usually, Matt eats the ham/pork/turkey and I eat the prawns, if there are any.

So, what did you end up doing?

We spent Christmas eve tidying up after the Friday night party, picking up some ham, and taking the kids for a photo with Santa. I was braced for Lincoln refusing the photo unless I was in it with him, but hooray for SAnta, he managed to bribe with candy canes. Excellent. Leaving it to the last minute, of course, means that we can’t pick the photo up until 5th January. The rest of the day was about laying around and then after the kids went to bed, constructing bikes and wrapping.

The kids woke up at their usual early time yesterday morning and were suitably restrained, having not opened presents but checked out their Santa sacks and spying their new bikes out in the patio. While Lincoln was excited about his new bike, I think Fraser was most pleased about the set of The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books he’d been given. He’s been wanting them for months.

Strange, though it was, it was nice not to have to prep for a big do, or to have to pack up and push off to someone else’s Christmas do. We just stayed home, ate ham, and met with friends in the afternoon to ride bikes around the lake and eat Pringles. The big do was actually today. A Boxing Day feast with both families and some backyard cricket. Another excellent event in our excellent backyard where the kids had lots of fun playing.

And now for the excellent leftovers.

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