Oh look! I’ve back-dated this post because there was no way I was composing a post post-party, after a bottle of bubbly or two.

The party was a raging success. Mr Sunshine played his part so all the kids were out in the back yard playing cricket, riding the scooters etc, exactly as I’d planned. Everybody loved the food and I went way overboard, as always, and I’m pretty well stocked on leftovers and unused stuff for the next couple of days. Sweet.

The favoured foods of the night were the olive balls (stuffed olives, wrapped in parmesan and pastry, then baked till golden); cucumber boats (lebanese cucumbers, seeds scooped out, filled with smoked salmon creamed cheese, and topped with caviar and dill); and the ever-popular sausage rolls (thin sausages form the butcher wrapped in mixed herbs and pastry). Easy. I am no gourmet chef and yet several guests claimed I am.

And here’s another trick for you: buy your shortbread and fruit cake, empty them out, cut the cake into small slices, and sprinkle the whole lot with icing sugar. Looks just like homemade without all the effort and kitchen fail.

I won’t be posting over the weekend, so have a lovely Christmas and I’ll be back with a round-up of the weekend on Monday night.


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