Hurrah! Where have the handymen been all my life? This guy was lovely, efficient, and a reasonable price. So sad, though, that he’s only around for another three weeks before moving north to Kempsey. We’re going to give him a list of jobs to do before he leaves. :D

Anyway, here is my finished project – the DIY shell curtain and repainted toilet ‘cubicle’, in a pale grey, with existing pink floor tiles, and window trim repainted vivid white.

Finished makeover c

Remember the original? The ugly green paint and no window covering.

The toilet

In other news, Fraser finished tennis camp today and won a runner-up medal for his age group! He was so excited and it was so great to see him look over at me in complete surprise. I also finished doing the big grocery shop today in prep for the party tomorrow night.

I took the boys to the RSL for dinner while poor Matt had to go back up to Sydney to retrieve our stolen Subaru, which had been left locked up and abandoned in Paddington. Apparently with a full tank of petrol. Sadly, that means no insurance payout for us, which would have been the most serendipitous timing given the recent new car, and we’d had that money mentally allocated to a ride-on lawn mower. It’s back to the drawing board to try and sell it.

So anyway, no ham for me at the RSL raffle. I’ll have to pony up for the Christmas ham, after all.


    1. There isn’t a how-to post. Here’s a link to making the shells. To turn them into a curtain I bought a strip of timber, pre-cut almost to size (I had to saw a little bit off the end) and a couple of reels of narrow white ribbon.

      I painted the timber in the same high-gloss the window frame is painted in, then I cut ribbon to the length of the window and marked the spacing on the timber. I hot-glued the shells along the length of each piece of ribbon and then with a staple gun, attached the ribbons evenly along the timber. The handyman (bless!) screwed the timber, staple-side up, to the inside-front of the window frame. Voila!

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