Day 3 of 4 of tennis camp. No rain, good stuff. It’s still grey and threatening, though. Very unchristmas-like. Un-Australian, even. Where is the hot?! I expect to be hot at this time of year. Oh well.

So, I’ve started the big prep shopping for the neighbourhood Christmas party. The wrapping has begun. And I called a handyman to come and put up a couple of things in time for the party. Yes, we are the first to admit our domestic DIY ineptitude. But, rejoice! These things will be up, which means my toilet makeover will be finished and one more set of ugly vertical blinds will be gone.

Fraser was so bored this afternoon, after I enforced an embargo on screen time, that he asked if we could ride scooters to pre-school to collect Lincoln. Oddly enough, I agreed, and we set off. But when we arrived, we found Lincoln in rather delicate condition, with a headache and tummy ache, and refusing to scoot home. So there I was carrying scooter, jacket and school bag, and holding the hand of a sick, whimpering four year old all the way home.

We made it home eventually and I made good on my promise to download Polar Express, we ordered pizza and watched more Christmas DVDs until it was dark enough to go out driving around the neighbourhood looking for Christmas lights. Although, there was nothing spectacular, there was enough going on around here to keep the kids amused for about half an hour.

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