Ok, so more rain. Hmmpf. On the one day of sunshine we had on Saturday, we all got busy with yard work. Fraser mowed a cricket pitch into the overgrown grass and then decided he couldn’t be bothered practising his bowling. Matt and I slaved over renovating the sandpit—emptying out the old stuff, laying weed mat, and shovelling in the new stuff. In the middle of that, we got sidetracked by the broken fountain, demolished the remains, and discovered a power cable and water supply terminating at the fountain from somewhere at the house. We’ll need an electrician to do something about that. I haven’t even been able to trace the power back to a switch.

On Sunday I went to the gym and the rest of the day was pretty lazy for all of us.

And today we were back to the pissing rain again. Fraser has tennis camp on this week and because of the rain, they were mostly indoors.

There are slugs and snails everywhere, and we have a neighbourhood party on this Friday night at our place. The sun needs to come out so we can mow the grass. It also needs to come out for the party so the kids can all bugger off outside on the lawn while the adults talk and drink wine.

There is some good news, though. I’ve finished my DIY shell curtain project but still need to connect it to the window. That’s a job for someone with handier talents, I think. We also have plans for a kitchen reno in the new year.

It can’t come soon enough; the cruddy exhaust fan over the stove almost fell into tonight’s dinner.

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