Here we are at day 1 of school holidays. Fraser’s finished year 2, and really he only had a half day yesterday, so he’s kind of been on holidays already. But this was our first full day and I’ve decided to chronicle each day, as we go through this immensely long school break.

Being a Wednesday, Lincoln is at preschool for the rest of the week, so I did a little bit of work, while Fraser loaded up on iPad and Wii time. Then we went out for a couple of hours, did a bit of shopping, made our regular holiday pilgrimage to the library for books to read, and got lunch from the fish & chip shop.

There were several requests to get together with school friends, already, and refusals to go outside in the few rays of sunshine we’ve had in the Highlands this season.

There was TV watching, picking up Matt from the train, and a game of Words with Friends with each other.

Then I picked up Lincoln, shovelled an early dinner down their throats and we all went back to school at 5:40pm for the end of year Thanksgiving assembly. I was reluctant to go after last year’s assembly dragging on but they hold us to ransom by not handing out school reports until right after the closing remarks. And Fraser was due on stage with the rest of the shepherds, of course, so we really did have to go.

Three hours!

Three hours, with Lincoln and all the other preschool kids in the audience getting tired. Three hours, with all the parents having not yet had any dinner. No snacks were served and there was more church than what you get in a church service. But more on that another day.


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