So What’s Been Going on Around Here?

Wow! We went to Europe?! Heh. That feels like ages ago. Another bunch of school holidays is nearly upon us, again. Time flies, doesn’t it?

Anyway. So what has been going on around here? I have a bit of work left to do on the smallest room in the house. I’ve painted and hung some stuff up on the walls, but I still need to paint the woodwork and finish making my DIY window covering. Here’s a sneak peak of what I’m doing.


I won’t reveal the whole project yet, suffice to say that these are wax paper, faux capiz shells because I couldn’t find real ones. If you like these, check out the full tutorial.

The other new stuff for the house is the nice silvery blockout curtains, replacing the falling-down floral numbers, in our bedroom. And Fraser has some new plain orange curtains. I have some other curtains on standby for the living room but I failed at putting the curtain rod up and so they’re in the packet, leaning against the wall, waiting for Samantha from Bewitched to turn up. One lot of vertical blinds gone, six to go. The rest of the house is still the same old ugly, but we’ve gathered a few quotes and we’ll just have to deal with things a bit at a time. That reminds me; I should call an electrician about down-lights.

Other recent exciting news is my new car. Yes, yes, yes. The old Subaru is soon to bust a timing belt and click over 300,000kms, and isn’t worth the investment to fix it. Gone are the broken windscreen sprayers, cigarette lighter, mirror electronics, aerial, and whistling, poorly fitted windscreen; and in is a 2 year old mystic blue Mitsubishi Lancer, with only 5,000kms and working EVERYTHING.
I always thought people who attached self-worth to the kind of vehicle they drove were a bit nuts*. But, I was driving my new car down the road yesterday and feeling good—I have new car, I can do ANYTHING!

*I hereby publicly apologise to anyone I may have judged for their misplaced self-worth.

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