European Vacation—Aah Copenhagen


Copenhagen was a like a big sigh after a long and busy journey. There are wide, clean avenues, lots of bicycle commuters, colourful buildings overlooking the canals. We had three days here, with not a lot to have to fit in. It was a relaxing place to end up. Our spacious apartment was not far from Nyhavn’s waterfront restaurants and canal tours. Nor were we far from the shopping along the pedestrian street, Strøget.


The one tourist attraction in Copenhagen is the The Little Mermaid. It symbolises the fairytale by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen and was presented from Carlsberg brewer Carl Jacobsen to the city of Copenhagen in 1913. Once you’ve seen that, there’s not much else besides the shopping, the majestic cruise liners docked at the port, and maybe the autonomous neighbourhood of Freetown Christiania.

But the whole reason for us travelling to Europe via Copenhagen was so we could experience the original Legoland in Billund. A couple of hours out of Copenhagen, we hired a car and drove to Billund, crossing the Great Belt Bridge. We’d read mixed reviews about Legoland—some negative remarks about the cost of food, the dated appearance, and the less-than-thrilling rides—but for kids in the same age range as ours, it’s great fun. Yes, the replica models are dated, but they don’t care; and when you’re a captive audience, of course you’ll be paying more for food. Unless you BYO, which they let you do, you don’t have a right complain. Lincoln and Fraser still think it was the best part of the holiday.






We were very conservative with our souvenir shopping, coming home with 2 small Lego Star Wars kits, engraved Lego keyrings, lego t-shirts; and from Disneyland stormtrooper and Darth Vadar dressups, Star Wars blasters, and a Mickey Mouse backpack. We also encouraged Fraser to collect decks of cards from the places we visited.

Thankfully, the one thing we didn’t bring back with us were the headlice. Ugh. Those things were with us (the kids and I) the whole way through, having survived manual searches before departure, and then some sort of foaming treatment in Florence. In Copenhagen, I let loose with the real chemical warfare that I’d bought in Paris a couple of days before. Finally, no more scratching.

And if you’re ever in Copenhagen airport can I suggest you enjoy the best beef I’ve ever eaten at Hereford Beefstouw. And one’s just opened up in Adelaide!

Thanks for travelling with me. Catch the photos on Flickr and retrace our steps through Ireland, Italy and Paris.

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