Success: Good luck or positive thinking

Before we take off to Europe for 5 weeks, I wanted to leave you with something potentially useful. I’ve always measured success by the positive feedback I receive from peers in my industry—whether that was going to be through my freelance copywriting or involvement in IT.

In the last couple of years, since leaving indentured servitude behind, business has been encouraging. Friends and family have been supportive, clients have been positive. It’s been a slow burn, but that suits me fine. It might seem like all the the great stuff that has happened lately—landing new clients, accepting an award, and the resultant interest in the topic—has been a case of good luck and good timing.

I beg to differ.

Here are some airy-fairy tips for positive thinking and how I’ve had a lot to do with creating this outcome.

  • I did Susannah Conway’s Unravelling eCourse a couple of years ago. This made me realise I had more to offer than what I was doing at the time. I learnt to acknowledge my dreams and motivate myself with them. I stopped defaulting to saying (or thinking) “No” when a contact approached me for some writing. I started saying “Yes”. And I still do it.
  • I still suffer the anxiety after I hand over anything I’ve done and wait for feedback. I acknowledge it, know that I can review and refine anything, and then do my best to get on with the next thing I need to do.
  • In life, I refuse to dwell on the negative. If someone says or does something unfriendly, I don’t over-analyse. If I feel it requires confronting, I’ll do it gently so that I can move on. I’m a firm believer that we can bring our own bad luck if that’s all we focus on.
  • I recently started writing out the things that I wanted out of life on paper. Every night. It helps to solidify the swirling thoughts in my mind and maybe even puts it “out there in the Universe”.
  • People often say “be authentic”. I’ve often thought they were wankers. But they’re right. I am the same person on Twitter as I am in the workplace, with friends, and with family. You’ll get good humour and my loyalty. I do what I can but I don’t promise the world. The only acting I do is pushing that little rockstar self out of my introvert exterior when the need arises. And that’s where I go back to what I learnt from Unravelling.

Take care. Watch Flickr or Facebook for European vacation pics.


(Oh yes! I still must put up the interview with 7 year old. Tomorrow, people. I promise!)


  1. as a fellow unraveller, it’s been great getting to “know” you and watching you go from strength to strength. keep dreaming and believing :) xx

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