The week I won an award

Just when I had been pining for a work-related junket (to Melbs, to be specific), I got a phone call from the IT Service Management Forum that a white paper I submitted for their white paper competition a few months ago had been nominated for White Paper of the Year. Well, it didn’t happen quite like that. They first called a few weeks ago to ask if I could forward high-res photos of myself and would I be attending the gala dinner and awards night, in Perth. Of course, in the intervening weeks between submission and phone call I’d forgotten about it. We’d been busy moving house, settling in, and planning for a big European holiday, which starts this Saturday!

After a bit of “what are you talking about?” and “Gala dinner? In Perth?”, I called the itSMF directly to make sure someone hadn’t slipped me a hallucinogenic, or worse, made a mistake. (Australia’s Next Top Model, anyone?) I ummed and ahhed about the expense of flying to Perth and finding accommodation (not to mention the associated conference ticket), before finally deciding to do it. Even if I was about to collect an award, I didn’t want someone accepting on my behalf. It would have seemed Oscar-esque. As though I was too high or drunk to make it to my own presentation.

Trans-continental junket, here I come.

I can’t tell you how glad I am that I went. Apart from the conference, where there was a great lot of useful info, I met some stellar individuals who were kind enough to give me career-related tips and advice; and who made me feel like one of the bunch, even though it was my first itSMF conference.

And then I really did win the award.

I performed a relevant standup comedy routine for my acceptance speech, which got some laughs. I’ve always wanted to write someone’s speech—Jed Bartlett’s State of the Union, to be exact—but I never expected to be making my own. What a ride. Since then, I’ve had offers of work coming left, right and centre. Be still, my burgeoning hat size.

Finally, I am famous. As long as I’m in a room full of IT Service Management nerds.

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