Why do you blog?

One of my faves, Lady Smaggle, retweeted a link yesterday to the Yes and Yes blog. Sarah made a terrific post about steps you can take to boost your blog profile when you don’t follow a particular theme. Yes, that’s me. Alive since 2003, this blog started as chronicle of pregnancy and parenting milestones for the purpose of informing family and friends. Then it became more self-indulgent; posts didn’t really have a purpose, they were becoming infrequent. Sure, I piped up every now and then with a plan to share something useful on a scheduled basis but it quickly fell over. I think it’s because I don’t have any one particular activity or thing that I’m passionate about.

When it’s all boiled down, this blog is simply my legacy (and a chance to show off). Not a legacy of heartfelt honesty and unicorns, but mostly just the entertaining—occasionally exasperated, often mundane—parts of a memoir. By reading this blog, especially way back when my writing was a lot less polished, you will come to know much about me, but you won’t know everything. I haven’t treated this place as a journal. My innermost thoughts are still my innermost thoughts. I always strive to entertain, so the hard stuff and the sad is usually saved for in-person encounters. Want some deep and meaningful conversation from me? Have a coffee or a champagne with me and ask the big questions. I love to stay out late talking about all kinds of stuff. I just don’t like the next morning.

Do you blog your passion? Do you blog about nothing in particular? Do you have a question for me?

p.s. I asked Fraser the same questions that I asked Lincoln. I’ll put his interview up soon.

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