School Holiday Fun (For the Parents)

Sea Cliff Bridge

Photo by Nik Cubrilovic

Tomorrow is hump day. It’s half way through the week and half way through the school holidays. We’ve seen the Zoomobile come to the Bowral library, will probably fit in some ice skating, and the boys have had nice time staying over with Nanny and Poppy. Mum tells me they are such good boys, never whinging or asking for anything while they’re out and about with her. Clearly, they save all that for me, so it has been nice to enjoy the quiet and hit the town with Matt over the weekend.

We dressed up for a Mad Men theme party on Saturday night and then on Sunday, we went across to Wollongong for a movie and seafood dinner at Panorama House. (Thanks Living Social discount!) I think my favourite part of the weekend was driving north across the Sea Cliff Bridge. Such a stunning view, and it felt like we were back in our road-trippin’ youth. Aah memories. Most of our road-trip memories are tied in Triple J Hottest 100s of years gone by and having the Hottest 100 Australian albums of all time playing on the radio while we drove up the coast on the weekend was a nice touch of de ja vu.

Since the weekend, Matt’s also been out of town, so it’s just been little old me. Tidying up, doing extra workouts at the gym, not cooking, gardening, speaking to tradesmen, a bit of working, bludging, browsing hardware stores. An ideal couple of days, really. Although, all the ridge capping on our roof is loose and needs to be reset. I could’ve done without that news.

Anyway, more painting quotes to come, outside drainage to discuss, and tomorrow we return to regular holiday programming when the kids come back from Nanny’s.

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