Settling in (again)

A week and a half into our new house and we seem to be settling in. School and everything else has continued as normal, Fraser is still getting the same bus home and we’re back into our usual morning and evening routines. We’re getting used to the oddly laid-out kitchen, the lack of storage and even the amazing technicolour paint job.

We’ve decided to stick with the interior as it is, for now, and tackle the potentially serious drainage problem that we have outside. We’re on a gently sloping block and when it rains, it all flows towards the house and gathers in muddy hollows near the back patio and at the driveway. Our neighbour says that had we had any more rain the week we moved in, the garage would have flooded. That’ll be our first major work and in the meantime we’re doing little jobs like replacing toilet roll holders and door stops, planting and transplanting things, and well…emptying boxes. I’m really enjoying being out in the yard each day doing some small garden job or other.

So anyway, yes, we’ve met our neighbours. Lovely people in their 50s or so with grown-up kids. No other neighbourhood gossip yet, but we did compare levels of street noise from the main road behind us. (It’s not too bad.)

Annoying things and architectural fantasies aside, I’m still convinced we’ve done the right thing buying this place and am looking forward to making it ours over the next 15 years. (We could be living on a cruise ship after that.)


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