The Keys to Number 10

We just got the keys to our new (old) house today. We went over to have a look and remind ourselves what we’d got ourselves into. Man, is it ever ugly. There must be at least 7 different colours used inside and some of the walls are sponged. The carpet is an unevenly faded peach colour and the kitchen has mottled pink cabinetry. I’m meeting with a painter in the morning to talk about options, because I would really like to paint as much of it as I can before we move on the weekend. Ambitious? I think so, especially with this week’s rain. :

I’ll be sure to take some pics tomorrow.

I’m putting together some room-by-room mood boards on Pinterest to help me visualise redecorating in it’s current form, until we know what we’re doing as far as future renovating goes. Look me up.

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Aprill Allen

Collector of my own bad drafts & excellent one-liners. Current painting student; Three-time B-Arts dropout.

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