Everything old is new again


Lincoln turned four on Tuesday and so the birthday festival began on Saturday with a family dinner with cake and presents. I’d been wondering what to get him when I saw an ad for the remake of the old 70s Fisher-Price treehouse. I ummed and ahhed, found a cheaper one on eBay, and when Mum offered to contribute, I went ahead and got it. I used to have one of those treehouses and Lincoln plays with the actual little people whenever he stays at Mum’s house. The treehouse itself, is long gone. So I knew he’d enjoy it.


Well, he has been playing with it since. Best. present. ever.

(I still need to stick the flooring on.)

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  1. He can’t be 4, it just can’t be that long….well I’m so thrilled for you….and kudos on the best present….Happy Birthday Lincoln xoxo

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