The tattoo? I got it.

bird tattoo

After years of wondering, I finally went out and got myself that tattoo. I’d been putting it off all these years because I was worried about the pain and the permanence. Well, I have children, so what was I so worried about? At least with the children I can send them to boarding school, a tattoo would need to be lasered off. (Though, when the kids are young and clingy you might think about lasering them off you, too.)

When I arrived we talked about the design and placement of the tattoo. Angus, the tattoo artist had drawn the birds on paper. He cut each one out then applied some sort of cream to my skin and pushed down on the paper in the required spot, leaving behind a stencil of where each bird would go. The stencil can be rubbed off and moved if you’re unsure about placement, but I went with his suggestion.

Then I sat down, undid my shirt, took out my left arm and braced myself. At this point I would suggest wearing a singlet so your lacies aren’t all out in front of everyone else, but fortunately this was Newtown, so I felt entirely comfortable. Angus prepared my skin, gloved up and tried to explain what sort of pain to expect, then got to work. It’s not dissimilar from acupuncture, though it’s not a sharp needle-like sensation. It’s more like a scratching, which intensified the closer he was to my shoulder bone. It was  a completely bearable level of pain with only a small amount of wincing. The outlines were done first and then the equipment was changed to do the shading. The tattooing process took a touch over an hour.

I was sent off with my shoulder and top of my arm covered in Bepanthen and Glad Wrap with instruction on taking care of it and how it would progress through healing. That afternoon and the next day it felt like a mild sunburn when touched, and since then it’s been a little itchy. I can’t scratch though, so I’ve been rubbing through my shirt.

I’m really happy with it and would totally recommend LDF tattoo in Newtown, Sydney to anyone who might be toying with the idea of getting one.


    1. Yep, just regular black. This photo had them freshly done, so it was still red and swelly. I made this one black and white until I can get a proper photo of it, after it has settled in.

  1. Hi Aprill
    I like it! Hope it stops itching soon. You may have inspired me to get another. (Don’t tell my mum!)

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