Going to the dentist

I am an experienced dental patient. My teeth have never been in the best condition, so I can almost guarantee that I’ll be in need of a filling whenever I have a check-up. I went to the dentist today for a filling I knew was coming. Over the years I’ve had extractions, braces, root canals, caps, and several fillings. Sometimes I wonder how it’s possible that I still have a mouth full of teeth. Sometimes I wish I could just get falsies so I don’t have to worry about it anymore. But any dentist I see still insists that my teeth are pretty good, overall.

My extensive experience has allowed me to develop a couple of techniques that help make the dental visit go more smoothly. (I usually cope with fillings much more easily than a clean. All that water and the tools whizzing the plaque off.. it’s making me shiver just thinking about it.) I love a dentist’s office that has an interesting ceiling. My previous dentist had a pressed tin ceiling—gorgeous! Lovely patterns to focus on. Alas, my new dentist has a plain white, modern ceiling, so I just have to find a spot to keep looking at.

The other thing I do is squeeze my right thumb with my left hand. It keeps the brain focused on that rather than the drilling or the needle or the whizzing.

When I sat in the dentist’s chair today I thought to myself, “I’ll do a blog post on what went through my head for the time I was at the dentist”. After fleeting thoughts about the school athletics carnival tomorrow and some hare-brained schemes, needless to say, most of my thoughts were about this blog post. Exciting, non?

What keeps your mind busy while you’re at the dentist.


  1. The gas keeps my mind occupied. I keep trying to keep track of the song playing on their radio but the gas makes it all phase in and out.

  2. I keep planning to take some panadol 30 minutes prior to a dental appointment as this really takes the edge off everything but I mostly forget. I spend the entire time in the chair trying -and failing- to relax my neck and shoulders!

  3. I don’t go, well not much. Prevention!! Brushing, brushing, brushing ( I use a baby brush to get into those tiny tight spots ) also I floss often, chew gum ( promotes saliva which is good for teeth, a dentist said ) and keeping the gums firm by brushing them also. I’ll do anything to avoid that chair !!

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