A top spoof and a tattoo

Hands up, who else likes to watch YouTube on their smartphone while they lay in bed, before going to sleep of a night? Yeah, yeah…that’s me, too. This is what I keep coming back to this week.

Regardless of any political opinion, it’s amazingly clever. Not just for Obama’s mannerisms but for the intertextual references to other popular YouTube clips—Rebecca Black’s Friday and Antoine Dodson. This is a fantastic clip for anyone doing Cultural Studies at uni. Did you notice the other popular culture references? I have since found out what a dougie and a cat daddy is. Nothing to do with Pizza Hut or felines. It’s smooth moves the kids are into these days. I’m so old, man. So, it must be time for a mid-life crisis, non? I want a tattoo. I’ve never had one, but I like these birds and I’d like four of them behind my left shoulder, with one wrapping around the back of my left arm. Not visible from the front—all respectable-like.

bird tattoo bird tattoo

I’ll let you know when I go ahead with it.

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