Getting Around

We’ve had a couple of good outings lately.

On the last day of our school holidays we decided to go out to the Illawarra Fly treetops walk. We prepped Fraser to expect heights and see-through walkways. He’s a bit of a scaredy-cat, (he only likes movies in 2D, not 3D), so I was expecting him to wig out. But both boys really enjoyed it. Unlike the teenage girl who clung on for dear life to a sturdy pole in the middle of the walkway and refused to get up so she could return to ground level.

IMG_0757 IMG_0758

It’s about a 45 minute walk, with a tower and cantilevered platforms, and has some stunning views over the Wollongong harbour and coastline. We went on a day with questionable weather, so it was a little hazy, but still enjoyable. Keep an eye out for discounts. It turns out that Mittagong RSL membership gets you 2 adult entries for the price of 1.

Last weekend we celebrated May Day by going to the nearby Mayfair at Bong Bong racecourse. The boys had fun on the rides, Lincoln held a guinea pig, we watched a kitchen fire demonstration, (just like that one I had here a few weeks ago), and ate hotdogs. Country fairs are worth it just for the hotdogs.

IMG_0768 IMG_0771 IMG_0766 IMG_0759

Country fairs are worth it just for the hotdogs.

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday. What are you doing?

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