Birthday Festival #37

Photo of 37th birthdayHaving a birthday in April is pretty good. It’s nicely spaced after Christmas and before Mothers’ Day. Sometimes my birthday falls on Easter so I wind up with a gazetted public holiday to go along with the chocolate and birthday gifts. My birthday was yesterday and I still have the Easter long weekend to look forward to. (Not that I work out of home. And the fact that we’re in school holidays means a long weekend is not really all that different for me.) So we began celebrations on  Saturday with lunch with Matt’s family and some friends; lunch on Sunday with my parents at The Deckhouse at the edge of Clarke’s Point in Woolwich; and finally, yesterday with a little party at Mum and Dad’s with party pies, finger food, Moet and chocolate cake.

All the birthday wishes over Facebook and Twitter were much appreciated and I received some lovely presents. Matt gave me Victoria Mason’s i heart tape measure necklace. That’s three Vic Mason designs I own now. Should i stop? I still like the tiny earrings. Mum gave me a voucher for a massage, and some new socks. You can never have enough socks. Especially now that Winter is close. But the best present of all, perhaps, is the deal being done on the sale of the farm and the ball is rolling on the purchase of our next house. The one I liked a month ago. I can’t believe it’s still there but boy, am I glad we got it.

It’s going to need some love and some work—starting with a paint job. And I have a feeling I’ll end up painting it myself to save the few thousand dollars it might cost to have it done professionally. We’ll see. Anyway, I hope to have you along for the ride and I’m trying to optimise this blog a little so that I can keep the home renovation posts easy to access. I am cautiously optimistic until we actually sign on the dotted line.


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