Sold the farm #2


Longswamp Garden
Remember ages ago, I mentioned that we’d sold the farm? And then it all fell over. We nearly sold it to the second lot of people, then they disappeared and the first people came back, we kicked our tenants out early (they had somewhere to go, so not so bad) so the first people would be able to settle early, then the first people disappeared again and so did the second people. We relisted the property for rent and gave a previous real estate agent a last-ditch, one-week chance to sell it. I think he did it. Today.

Yesterday, we went out to the farm to check it over and make sure the tenants left it well. Of course they did, and I retrieved a couple of things that I’d left attached to the walls. And wow! I was so pleased with how the garden has come along. It’s a bit weedy, but look at that hebe! I can’t get over how big and wonderful it looks in that corner space under the bathroom window.

I’m a bit sad to be leaving my little established garden and play area for real this time. Not to mention the big house. But hey, the deal hasn’t been exchanged just yet, so please cross your fingers because we are ready to move on.


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  1. The ALLENRIGHT garden looks wonderful. The best thing you can take with you from there are the good memories and there are plenty of those. xx

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