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Because we’re on the verge of a new mortgage (I hope) for a house that will need renovation in the not-too-distant future, I have returned to menu planning for the family’s main meal. I used to do it routinely, every week, when we lived too far from the shops. When it’s done properly, you can save quite a bit of money, and you can go even further by checking out the supermarket catalogues and creating your menu from sale items. I’m not the domestic goddess I had high hopes for so I don’t make my own pastry. I buy frozen chips, pre-made nuggets and other oven-cookable items. But they are only sometimes meals, not every night, and I make sure I choose a decent product, not the processed beaks and hooves that Jamie Oliver despises.

So anyway, I set myself the task of making a menu plan this week made up of items already in the pantry or freezer.

Sausage rolls and homemade hash browns
Last night we had sausage rolls made from a normal old sausage in puff pastry with home made garlic hashbrowns.

Curried tuna vol-au-vent
Tonight’s meal was curried tuna vol-au-vents with veg. The boys really enjoyed it (after whinging about not wanting tuna for dinner). I think it’ll be added to a rotation.

I’m going to keep doing this when I can and monitor what I spend week-to-week. A couple of my twitter friends have joined in with me. If you’re a menu planner, what’s on your menu this week?

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  1. Thanks Aprill. Last night, Dahl. Tonight tuna mornay with rice. Better check the freezer and pantry for tomorrow night. :)

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