A competition for the music lovers

Photo of poster competition on aprill.net

I’ve been looking for the passports again—3 out of 4 still missing—so I’ve taken the opportunity to clean out the filing cabinet. Back in my music-centric youth I collected indie music and fanzines. These two are from around 1998.

Skyway number six was put together by a guy called Doug Wallen. It’s American and features interviews with the Spinanes and Helium, amongst others; an interview with Teen Beat band True Love Always; an unrealised film script called “The Robot”; and a whole lot of reviews. It’s a nice little stroll back through time.

Speck #4 is a Canadian zine, put together by Bleek. It’s a got a cute, introspective editorial bit called “Why do I do it?!” Here’s an excerpt:

Here I go again trying to push another music zine to an over-saturated public, and why? It’s an uphill battle to write this thing without many writing skills, a borrowed computer, and a small, very narrow group of folks who actually care for any of these bands and music.

Well, I think we could say the same about most blogs today.

Anyway, you can tell Bleek is passionate about his music. There’s an interview with Yo La Tengo, including a recipe; cocktail recipes; comics; an anti-smoking rant; political opinion of the Clinton variety; a rant against shopping mall culture; and of course lots of reviews and other interviews.

These vintage zines could be in your hot little hands if you leave a comment. I’ll have Kami the competition cat pick the winner.

I’ve been wanting to come back and update about our housing situation – the selling and the buying, etc. But there’s been a whole real estate soap opera going on so I have nothing concrete to add, yet.

By the way, if you are an indie music lover, I’m selling off some 4AD posters on ebay. There’s only a couple of days left so go check it out.

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