Sold the Farm

Photo of missing tooth

We’ve sold the farm. Almost. The contracts exchange on Tuesday. We took a big hit on the sale price but the market is down now and there wasn’t much we could do about it. On the upside, the market is ripe for buying now, so we’ve found ourselves in the unexpected scenario of putting in an offer a house nearby to where we’re renting currently. I say ‘unexpected’ because we were going to sit on our funds for a while to save some money and work out next steps. But the day the offer came in for the farm, an email with a house for sale arrived in my inbox. The price was right, the position was right, the house small and the land big. We’ll be able to renovate to suit us and there are lovely mature trees—apple trees and willow trees—vege patches, sand box and cubby house, very similar to the ones we left behind. Anyway, cross your fingers, we put in a final offer and are waiting to hear back from the agent.

The photo is unrelated, but Fraser lost tooth #5, the first of his top teeth, last week. :)

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  1. So excited for you….my Dad just sold his house in Canberra ans is moving to Moss Vale….so I’ll check in when I’m in the area!!!!

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