Birthday Weekend

birthday lunch

Fraser is in the arguably unfortunate situation of having his birthday right at the start of the school year. It means I can’t send birthday invitations out in the school bag because it’s not enough notice, and we haven’t been at the school long enough to have each family’s phone number or address. So instead, I suggested we take a couple of friends of his choice and go and do an activity—also his choice.

As expected, he asked to do mini golf and when he finally settled on the two friends he wanted to take, I tracked down the phone numbers and asked their parents. Of course, mini golf isn’t local, so we planned a day out in Wollongong and would take the boys out to lunch as well.

Well, Fraser had a fine old time. It was an insanely hot day so we didn’t go to the beach or play in the park after our mini golf game. We decided to have lunch in a civilised manner at an air-conditioned restaurant. Afterwards, we came home and they watched the Lego movie, ‘The Adventures of Clutch Powers’. I think his friends had a great day out, too.

At 7 years old he’s one of the youngest in his year 2 class, and probably the shortest boy. He’s almost into size 7 clothes and is in size 12/13 shoes. He’s still learning drums and piano, has been doing little athletics this season, and has expressed an interest in doing soccer and cricket after having had a year off team sport. He got an A for calculations with money in his final school report for last year and a D for art; and is about to lose his third tooth—you can see it sticking out in the top photo.

The birthday festival weekend continued when we celebrated Gram’s 87th birthday the next day.

7 and 87

There’s only 8 decades and one day’s difference. ;)

Happy Birthday Fraser and Gram.

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